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Leaf Lard


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I had to render my own leaf lard from kidney fat that a customer special ordered from Eco-Friendly, but never bothered to pick up. Quite good, but honestly, any lard from a farmer whose pork you buy would be worth using for pies, especially since you've never tried it before. The topic's been covered before at Donrockwell.com, so check the exhaustive Shopping and Cooking index Leleboo compiled. Good prices at North Mountain Pastures and Cedarbrook. More costly given meager amount, but perfect for a curious newbie, you could try the organic lard from Evensong Farm, too. FYI, when Many Rocks Farms recovers from kidding season and returns to its markets, Jeannie now raises mulefoot pigs, aka lard pigs, though I haven't seen her sell lard, yet.

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