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Finger Limes


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This grower says it's a summer, fall, and early winter crop, but you can sign up for notification of availability.

This one lists several stores in the area that carry their products. May be worth a call to the customer service line to see if any are carrying finger limes.

Let us know if you are able to track any down in the area!

Unfortuntely, the Melissa's site seems to only indicate which stores carry their line, not which ones carry a particular item.

I'll investigate this when they come into season again -- perhaps I can organize a group buy if they're not making it to our local stores.

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plus shipping, no doubt. Hey, I dunno. Maybe there are some 1%ers lurking here who might want to know.

Ancient Ice Houses Of Iran

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! I GOT IT!!!!!!

That's why they call these things "Ice House!"

Open Road Grill & ICEHOUSE!

Oh my GOD!

Plank Road Brewery ICEHOUSE beer!

I GOT it! I FINALLY got it! ***THIS*** is why these things are precious commodities!

Fuckin' BLOOWWWWW me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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