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Laid Back, Lounge-y Bar Bites in Clarendon


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So my plan tonight was to hit up the Vidalia bar menu after work: get one of everything, a few drinks, and just relax on the couches until my wife tells me I need to come home.

Unfortunately, the timing doesn't quite work out for me and I'll need to be in Clarendon.

What's a good place in that area that would duplicate the Vidalia experience?

I won't have a car.

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I really like happy hours at Lyon Hall, nice selection of wine, normally pretty low key. I also really like happy hours at Screwtop and they have good small bites, not really the same as Vidalia, but a spot I enjoy. I haven't been to Green Pig Bistro, but it is right there, you could check out the menu, I have heard really good things, and we tried to go one night but it was closed for a private event. Those would be my recs.

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