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Loving Hut, Vegan Vietnamese in Falls Church

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I thought I'd start a topic about the branch of vegan-only Loving Hut in Falls Church which has been around a year or so now. I have a friend who is vegan and having this place around has really been a godsend, and I'm at the point I'll just eat there myself if I'm hungry.

This location is mainly Vietnamese-based, as seen by the menu, and from what I've had...I like it! Obviously the com tam bi made with a tofu quiche sort of loaf instead of pork chops is different, but it's also lighter and has a good flavor. They can also make many of the dishes gluten-free and soy-free (denoted by green and red hearts) for those with those sensitivities.

Also, save room for dessert. They serve a variety of cheesecakes, cakes, pastries, mousses. I think they get many (most?) from Sticky Fingers, so you won't see me complain, as well as some Sweet & Sara marshmellows. I'm especially a fan of the gluten-free blueberry cheesecake.

If you'd like to go, the location is a bit tricky to find your first time, it's on Rogers Drive off Lee Highway *behind* a 7-11. If you look at Google Street View, it'll show a picture of Tuscany Grapes Cafe.

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