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While I'm sad that Dr.com was shafted, I am so happy for my friend Dinaw. Will be drinking to him (and with him) to celebrate.

Congratulations to Dinaw Mengestu (it's very cool that you're friends with this guy), and also to Benoit Rolland (*).

A few years ago, I was honestly naive enough to think I was going to win a Beard Award for my writing, and a MacArthur Grant to keep this website going; no longer - I'm going to ensure that this community survives without any help from the outside.

Laugh if you will, but I plan on being known 500 years from now, and that's what keeps me going (and that's why I don't post a lot of dreck). I'm certain of two things, regardless of what happens between now and then: 1) my son will look back upon me fondly, and 2) future generations will reacquaint themselves with this document.

(*) I do protest Rolland winning this award, however, because I thought it was supposed to be no-strings-attached.

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