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"Waiter Refuses To Serve Customers Who Insulted A Special-Needs Child" - in the New York Daily News


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This sends me through the roof..a real raw nerve. Of course there are worse things in life but I once directly overheard something like this myself regarding my daughter and I nearly lost it right there in the restaurant.

I just typed out the whole incident here and that made me feel better. But the details don't matter.

Generally, I'm glad to see this article. We could use more civility and understanding; maybe someone thinks twice before being a similar jackass. I do fear, however, that this article exposes to the parents the fact that someone did say such a thing...and while the world is like that and they'll hear it from time to time...I can tell you that every such incident is like another needle jab and the sting never lessens.

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We have had a couple of servers who have been differently abled. One of our best customers went off on one, and was unspeakable out of line. I booted him and he made a point of loudly cancelling his standing reservation for 10 on New Year's Eve. Somehow we managed to do fine without his business. If he wants to come back, he will have to make a donation in the amount of his dinner the night I booted him {I did not take the money} to an Autism group before I would let him back in.

I have no tolerance for customers who insult my staff, but when they insult the staff for who they are it is unspeakable.

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