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Pepe Food Truck - Expensive, Small, Spanish-Themed Sandwiches

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I'm still of the view that the vast majority of the D.C. food trucks are, alas, not worth the $$. Those that are decent tend to charge much more than comparable trucks in NYC. (The Jose Andres Pepe truck is a prime example -- very good sandwiches, but they cost as much or more than if you got them at Jaleo itself; they should be considerably less, but I'm sure they're charging what the market will bear . . . . Salt River Lobster, too.) .

I happend to be in L'Enfant Plaza at lunch today and the Pepe food truck was there. Being a big fan of Jose Andres, I was excited to try it. The sandwich was very good, but I agreee Mary, the price was outrageous for what I got.

I told the person at the window that I had never eaten here before and I wanted to get the best thing they had. She suggested the Pepito de Ternera (seared beef tenderloin, caramelized onion, piquillo pepper confit and blue cheese $14).

I got it and it was a very tasty sandwich (lots of interesting flavor combinations) but for 14 bucks it should have been twice three times the size (or came with a drink and dessert). To their credit, it was much better than most of my food truck experiences from a taste/flavor perspective, but I don't see myself going back because of the price.

The other thing that struck me a little strange was the lack of drinks. They only had Sangria or Pepe Tonic. No water.

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