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I am looking for locations for a group of women colleagues to meet monthly for happy hour on Thursdays. At least half of us also eat dinner, so a restaurant is OK, though we often linger from 5pm to almost 9 sometimes. The group size varies from 4 to 8 people, arriving staggered.

Fancy is not required, although a nice Pinot Grigio by the glass for miss picky (not me!) would help. Low-ish cost and/or specials would be nice, as well as some low-fat options for our Couture set.

Any suggestions? TIA


BTW - AGM is my other half! You can tell because we have the same dog!

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I haven't actually sat down and had a drink there, but the upstairs lounge at Sonoma looks very nice. The one time I poked my head in it was pretty quiet, but I would bet that is no longer the case. And if you decide to dine downstairs, the menu is very reasonably priced (IMO) and seasonal.

Tallula is another option, especially if you can snag one of the larger tables. The bite-size "amuse yourself" menu is inexpensive and you have the option of half pours from the extensive wine list.

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All of the above suggestions are good ones, but if you are looking outsided of the District -- Arlington perhaps -- Harry's Tap room has a happening happy hour and there are tables in front of the fireplace in the bar area. The happy hour deal (between 4-6 pm) consists of several menu items that can be had for $3, including the ubiquitous bar-sized cheese burger. Wine list has numerous selections by the glass, including pinot grigio.

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