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Tacos El Costalilla - Strip Mall Taqueria in Hybla Valley Center in South Alexandria

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I was getting car stuff done at Pep Boys, so after finishing, I stopped to pick up lunch at Tacos El Costallila, since I hadn't been there in awhile. I got a sope de pollo (2.75) which was good, & oddly, tasted better later on when it was cold (especially w/ the added green salsa which is spicy) & the ceviche tostada (3.20) which was great- the lady said no more shrimp ceviche, only fish (I don't know if that was just today or permanently). The ceviche was spicy & tangy & utterly delicious, I think I'll be stopping in more frequently. As I waited for my order, I looked up at the illustrated menu board & tried to figure out what 'cueritos' was, after I was home & looked at the menu postcard I picked up (very cute, w/ Speedy Gonzalez flanking the name) I discovered it was pig skin in vinegar. Maybe another day...

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5 years later: we drove down this way to test drive a car (it was way out of our way, but a nice day for a little road trip).  Afterwards, we stopped in here, and the food is still delicious.  They had shrimp on the ceviche tostada, which was the highlight along with the bean & cheese pupusa, with some crispy bits of cheese.  The tacos were also flavorful and filling - I got a carnitas, an al pastor, and a carne asada (which was somewhat tough, but these tacos are $2-3 each, so I'm not complaining).  We got two orders of posole intending to provide one to the gentleman hanging out in the parking lot with no particular place to go, but he disappeared by the time we were leaving, so we have two orders to try out for lunch tomorrow.

The road into this strip mall is horrific, as is the parking situation.  Brace yourselves.


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