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Win $40 at Sushi Taro - Good Towards a Kaiseki Tasting Menu


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Beginning today, right now, every single person who posts a new topic in our Professionals and Businesses forum will receive a chance to win my (expired) Sushi Taro Bloomspot Coupon, originally for $80, now worth $40 towards a Kaiseki tasting menu. The winner will also be getting their very own Email, sent personally by me, and announcing the gifting of the coupon. There is no cost to enter this raffle!

Offer ends Friday, June 15, at 12 noon. One entry per thread started, multiple threads per user permissible to a maximum of three, Winner will be announced by random draw by 1 PM on Friday, June 8. Offer subject to rules and restrictions, please read FAQ before posting.

Remember, initial postings in Professionals and Businesses must be:

1) Positive reviews only (friends and family is fine - you just have to disclose the relationship)
2) 100 words or more - tell us, in detail, what's so great about this person or business
3) Signed by your real first and last name

Remember also that this is our only fully-moderated forum, so when you click on "Add Post," it will go into my moderation queue, where I'll check to see if the minimum requirements have been met, title and tag the thread properly, and then update the indexes (this all takes a good 5-10 minutes of uninterrupted concentration), before releasing it to the public eye.

Good luck to the entrants!

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Oh! I forgot to do the drawing! Can we have a volunteer to do it tomorrow? I'll send the list of people tonight. Someone send me a PM to volunteer, but don't actually do it until you hear back from me. Sorry!

We had six entries last week, and you had three, and thus a 50% chance.

And yes, we'll have another drawing - this time a BIG one! This one will begin tomorrow after I announce the winner, and will last at least two weeks because it's such a high-value prize ($170 to be exact!) - and, the publicity from it will benefit a great cause.

Prepare your reviews mentally, my friends - you're going to want to enter this one. But let's take care of this existing business first.

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Laura, I swear this is not a conspiracy. :(

Okay, the good news for *everyone* is that the next giveaway is not one, but TWO tickets to the Benefit Pig Roast and Whiskey Tasting at Copper Fox Distillery on July 13th.

These tickets are $85 EACH, so the winner is getting a legitimate $170 worth of stuff.

I'm writing an article, and this was supposed to be a part of my payment, so I'm actually passing along *my own income*!

Since this prize is so large, I need to decide what it will take to quality for it - I'll announce it tomorrow, but certainly starting a topic in the Professionals and Businesses forum will gain you one entry, starting right now. This will go on for at least two weeks, but can't go on for much longer than that since people will need to plan the trip to Rappahannock (and hopefully spend the night in the one of the B&Bs there - please don't drive home after this thing).

Take a look at that link - this is going to be one heck of an event, and especially fun for two people to attend.

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