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Modo Mio Italian Seafood BYOB on 161 W. Girard Street - Chef Peter McAndrews in Fishtown

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Modo Mio in Fishtown

**Disclaimer-my cousin's son is the sous chef here-so I'm going to gush, but I really mean it~**

Mr. MV and I enjoyed the "tourista" option on the menu. Hold onto your hats folks....4 courses for $33. Modo Mio is a byob, and each server is happy to open your bottle and supply wine glasses. The restaurant is a corner space on Girard Avenue in the Fishtown section of Philly; about a 10 minute drive from Center City. Surprisingly, parking was plentiful on the streets. There ia an ante room to check in, maybe 2 seats to wait-otherwise, you and your wine have to wait on the sidewalk if you don't have a reservation (strongly suggested on the weekends). Inside, a lovely old buffet sports the house bread (I believe Tuscan- style sans salt and the size of Sasquatch's food-not kidding), ramekins of truffled evoo and ricotta (instead of butter for the bread) and a large glass jar full of Sambuca- a digestivo they offer gratis when you're done with your meal.

The long, narrow space has about 20 or so tables. As we perused the menu, we were offered a bite of bruschetta with caponata. I have to say that I feel I was hitting the high notes with my menu choices: the only exception being that I would have lightened up towards the end of the meal and ordered fish for the Secondi.

Antipasti- I ordered Carciofi-artichoke stuffed with aged provolone, breaded and fried, and served with a lemon and caper sauce. It was delicioius from the inner leaves to the heart.

Pasta- Papardelle with rabbit and sweet pepper ragu-this was absolutely the highlight of the meal, with soft, fresh pasta, braised rabbit and the sauce, oh my, the sauce. I enjoyed every bite of this one and I must admit-this was the first time that I have eaten rabbit, having owned and loved one as a pet years ago. No more. Orchid, I'm sorry, but you're too tasty and I'm a convert.

Secondi-Anatra-crispy duck sausage with fig, asparagus, gorgonzola and red wine agrodolce- this was a delicious dish; homemade sausage wrapped in proscuitto. As I mentioned, I think I will lighten up on the Secondi and try a fish offering next time, as the plates are generous small portions.

Dolce-very interesting....mint (real honest to goodness fresh-picked mint, not mint oil as in mint chocolate chip ice cream) panna cotta with figs.

Dinner for two-$88. ohmy.gif

Put Modo Mio on your "to-do" list when you visit Philly. Bring you favorite wines and enjoy this bustling, somewhat noisy, corner gem.

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I still suggest that you bring up a couple bottles of wine and treat yourself to a BYOB. Koo Zee Doo for Portuguese that you can not find around here, and Modo Mio for Italian.

Modo Mio-check out the tourista option, for $35, a 4-course meal. It's easy to get to and there's plenty of street parking. When you walk in, there is an old buffet standing in the window-front, with a loaf of bread the size of Texas ( from which you will get slices of with your meal) and a large jar of Grappa, gratis at the end of your meal.

I can't wait to hear about what you've discovered.

In fact, if you enjoy wine (or beer) with dinner, I'd suggest focusing on BYOB's for a great experience; take a couple of your favorite bottles with you when you go up to Philly.

In that vein, I'd also suggest Modo Mio.

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