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Pho Cong Ly, Bradlick Shopping Center on Braddock and Backlick Road in Annandale

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Lunch today at Pho Cong Ly, had a specialicious coupon to use, & the bonus was they have vegetarian pho- my daughter Elizabeth has been sorely missing pho since she decided to become a pescetarian. She liked her pho, I thought it was interesting, looked more like beef pho, tasted a little sweet, & a bit too much like broccoli for me- it had chunks of fried tofu, broccoli, carrots, onions, & not enough noodles for E.

I had pho ga (our 2 friends had the same)- standard pho, broth was a little less complex than Le Bledo, but fresh sprouts, jalapenoes, basil (I brought home practically 2 plants), & lime, & the spring rolls were good, very crispy, a little greasy. Tom ate all my leftover pho & a spring roll & said I put an awful lot of basil in it....

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had lunch here today.  They've added bahn mi to their menu.  My sister got the pork bahn mi with shrimp chips, and I got chicken pho, and we split an order of cha gio.  The cha gio were very good and crispy -- I like the bit of added cornmeal to the wrapper to heighten the crunch factor.  The chicken pho was a nice tasty broth and plenty of basil, jalapeno slices and fresh bean sprouts to add.  My sister said the bahn mi wasn't as good as DC Bahn Mi, not as many pickled vegetables and not as moist overall.  From my vantage point, it looked a bit skimpy on the fresh herbs.

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We were looking or someplace close to go to for dinner last night, so we took a chance and went for the first time to Pho Cong Ly, in the Bradlick strip mall, at the corner of Braddock and Backlick roads. We started with Crispy Shrimp Cakes, which the menu described as "Shredded sweet potatoes with whole shrimps fried in a light batter and served with lettuce and sweet chili fish sauce."  The shrimp still had their shells on, so it was necessary to peel them off before eating, but we both agreed that it was a very tasty dish.

I followed that with a noodle soup, which was also good.  I made the mistake of asking for "meatballs" to be added; what came were small pieces of beef that were without much taste, and a bit tough.  The soup I would order again, but the meatballs, never again.

My wife had a beef sandwich (which I don't see on their on-line menu) and and said it was very good.

They have a kids menu, and a vegetarian menu.  The service was very good.  The waitress was didn't seem to mind explaining to us what some of their dishes were.  I will definitely go again.

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