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Flame Kabob, Afghan with Kabobs in Springfield Plaza on Springfield Blvd.

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Flame Kabob is a realiable and amazingly good Afghan kabob lunch counter at the corner of Backlick and Commerce in the back corner of Springfield Plaza. Daughter and I enjoyed chicken and lamb kabob platters today, and I could find no faults. Quality meat, cooked to perfection, served over aromatic basmati rice with a choice of various sides. We both had the stewed chick peas.

Menu items like Qabili Palow and Aushak will be tried on a subsequent visit, as will the delectable looking lamb chops. This place is right up there with Lahore Kabob as the best skewered meat in Springfield, with Lahore representing the Pakistanis and Flame representing the Afghanis.


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Flame Kabob is one of our reliable carryout places in Springfield.  We usually get the kabob platters: MrB gets the Flame Kabob 1 combo plate: chicken and lamb; I get the bone-in chicken kabobs.  These plates come with salad, vegetable, rice, and bread.  For the vegetable, we love their Spinach Sabzi.  If spinach isn't available, we get the chickpeas.  We usually decline the bread as it's not that good.  My favorite thing to order is their Sambosas-- they come 4 to an order and I usually get 2 orders -- they can be a little inconsistent, every now and then not as good as most times, but when they're on they're really good. 

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