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Japanese Kitchen Knives - Think We All Have A Bit To Learn?


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that's making me dizzy

Try finding a post like this on Yelp; you'll get even dizzier. ;)

The pictures are *beautiful*.

Oh! And lest we forget, weezy is a professional knife sharpener - if you need your blades sharpened or honed, contact her (and no, this sequence of posts was not planned; it's just that our members are fucking awesome).

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I have some beautiful Japanese knives-Takeda, Watanabe, Tanaka, lots of Hiromoto (my favorite commercial), & more sharpening stones than I currently use, but the knives are just tools, to cook good food. Although, since they're up on the wall on Benchcraft magbloks, I'm not worried about a home invasion-I know where the knives are.

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