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Drinks and Snacks for 100-120 People


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Hey guys...

Been searching for forum posts that deal with places that can accommodate for larger group events. But my question might serve better asking separately.

I'm possibly looking to do a really large event for roughly 100 - 120 people [standing, not sitdown]. I help run a weekly dining group [500+ members, ages range between 20s-40s] & we're hitting our 1 year anniversary/500+ member mark about the same time. Looking for:

- a fixed price, catered-type event [drinks + food stations, maybe music]

- prefer a restaurant/private room location.

- price range can run between $50 - $100/person possibly [just depends on what we're getting for that $$$].

- looking for a Saturday night [open to a 4 hr. window vs. all night] sometime in March or April [which Sat. is open, would like 4+ weeks for tickets to be sold + coordinate resources]

- Metro-accessible ideally

Been calling around thus far, already contacted the Helix/Rouge/Firefly/Topaz folks, & the backroom of Asia Cafe in Rosslyn.

Are there other places that I'm just not thinking of? Just moved into the DC area about 11 months ago, so I'm not totally fluent on who's just got the space. Also, who could pull that off successfully?

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Though I wouldn't recommend it for dinner, Mie N Yu does cocktail parties very well. The upstairs rooms would fit a party your size and their snack food is usually pretty good. Very cool space, too.

Others to consider: the lounge at Sonoma and Zola's new private party space.

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I've mentioned this before on another similar thread, but here goes again..... Boulevard Woodgrill has a large room (subterranean) that I think would accomodate that many people for a stand-up event. Metro accessible (Clarendon Orange line) and free parking one block away. Not sure about their apps, etc. , been a while since I was there, but did do a holiday party there a year ago and the service was good and space was comfortable.

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