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Pho Ha Tay, in Seven Corners Center Across Wilson Blvd. from Eden Center - Closed

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My favorite pho shop in the VA area- Pho Ha Tay. It's in the guitar center plaza between 50 and Wilson Blvd, behind the Benigans, across the street from the Eden Center. Me and my special lady friend go there whenever we hit up the Target. It's right next to the Quiznos. If you aren't looking for it, you will miss it- which is a shame, because it has some great Pho.

The owner makes it all himself with his family, and they use no MSG. They only make Pho, and they have six vats of it in the back cooking at any time. Instead of using a mix, they actually use the meat bones and spice it themselves. The Broth is very tasty, and the meat is pretty good. Nice chunks of tendon, plenty of fat on the fatty brisket, and the skirt flank has a nice crunch. The price is like Pho at other Pho joints and they bring it out in rapid fashion.

If you are looking for lots of fancy stuff, then pass on this place. But if you want some great Pho, stop here and give it a try.

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I completely agree. This place is not fancy but it's clean and quiet and the owners are really nice. The broth just cannot be beat - it's like eating a big bowl of roast beef. I've never had better, anywhere or any time. They're especially proud of their fatty brisket, which is my favorite - thinly sliced and crunchy. A heads up - I think they're on vacation through today but reopen tomorrow.

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Unfortunately, it appears to be closed for good - to be replaced by something else.

Pho Ha Tay was replaced by Saigon Cafe. They both have the same phone number, so I don't know if was a facelift by the same management, or if it was brand new ownership (this took place in 2007). Saigon Cafe's website says they used to be in Fairfax, so it's very possible that it's two separate owners (it's also very possible it's the same family).

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