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Breakfast near the Inner Harbor

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My favorite downtown breakfast spot, Werner’s, is a Monday through Friday operation. A crying shame. And, I don’t think the Hollywood Diner is open on weekends yet, either. I know for sure they are open on Sunday mornings when the downtown farmer’s market is open, but that isn't until the first Sunday in May. So, other than the hotels, I can’t think of anything in the Inner Harbor itself.

All of my favorite breakfast spots are in neighborhoods so, if you can find your way out of the harbor, here are some suggestions. Golden West in Hampden, Blue Moon in Fells Point, Bonaparte Bakery in Fells Point. Have also heard good things about Harvest Table in Locust Point. If good coffee and a muffin will suffice, BlueHouse in Harbor East may be walkable for you, if it is a nice day. And, if good croissants will do, Patisserie Poupon is open on Saturdays. It is on E. Baltimore Street, just behind the Shot Tower.

City Café in Mt. Vernon is fine for breakfast and again, if it is a nice day, not too long of a walk. It is located in a great old building that was originally a car dealer. Much later, it morphed into a notorious disco, Girard’s. Girard’s then turned into an equally notorious punk club, still called Girard’s. I once saw Stiv Bators play there in his Lords of the New Church days. He hung from a cable in the ceiling, upside down, for at least 45 minutes of the show. It was his birthday and someone brought out a giant cake. The crowd went wild, grabbing big chunks of the cake--eating it, throwing it and climbing onto the stage to rub it all over him while he hung upside down. Stiv kept singing and the band kept playing. City Café isn’t nearly as entertaining but you can get a cup of coffee and a waffle.

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