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Don Lobos Mexican Grill, East Georgetown

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Okay, I know I have requested places to get Tex-Mex on this board. I have even found Los Tios to be (mostly) good. But I just got back from what has to be the worst Mexican, Tex-Mex, DC Mex whatever, food I have ever had. At least places which I think are not great, I can finish the food and don't feel ill after I eat. Oh not at Don Lobos in Georgetown. First, I should have known not to eat there based on the location but the DCist recently wrote it up and I thought I'd give it a shot.

1) the chips were from a bag though the salsa was tres magnific

2) I ordered chicken enchiladas with a red mole sauce. Hmmm... the fact that the tortillas in which they were rolled were falling apart indicated two things to me... they had been sitting under a lamp or in the oven for a long time and they were stale.

Really that is all I can write right now but what a waste of money and calories. Well, not so many calories because this was one time I couldn't stomach come close to finishing the food.


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Yeah, that place sucks. Did you know Lobos means wolves in Spanish?

Don wolfs bad Mexican food.

first, the bitter stickgirl has been a hit with friends all over the world. thanks for posting the link.

second, um, why did the DCist give it a good write up. that place sucked. I may literally never eat TexMex/DCMex whatever again.

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agreed, that place is really bad. i was dragged there a few times for lunch when i worked in the area and i was floored by the just purely crappy food. i wish i could be more descriptive - everything is just wrong there.

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Go ahead and laugh, but I can now say I've had dinner at Don Lobo's.

This restaurant scares me - there was a really evil-looking crust in the corners of the bathroom, and there were plastic jugs of fruit-mixer sitting on the dirty floor by the kitchen entrance, although it could have been some other type of repackaged green fluid used for cleaning the floors, etc. Regardless, it was somewhat unappealing.

A Dos Equis Lager ($5.50) and Diet Coke ($2.85 with refill) accompanied a basket of truly bad chips, but as NCPInDC pointed out above, the salsa was good - I've had this exact same salsa before (or at least something close to it), and it has a very roasted, cilantro-y taste that I enjoy.

I didn't want to spend a lot of money here, so my young guinea pig dining companion and I split an order of the Beef Fajitas ($15.95) much to the surprise - and borderline consternation - of our server, who reminded us that it wasn't much food, and only came with three tortillas. (Three tortillas for $15.95-worth of fajitas? Huh?) So I ordered three more ($2.50), and waited a fairly long time for the entree to arrive.

There's no question I ordered "safe" with this dish, and it really wasn't all that bad - what's not to like about grilled steak, onions, and peppers? It came with a plate of sour cream, and tired-looking guacamole and pico de gallo. The tortillas were corn-based and surprisingly good, better than you'd expect.



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