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French Quarter Cafe, Germantown - Quartered.

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This New Orleans spot (around the corner from Five Guys, in the restaurant row across from the Germantown movies) has been open about a year and I have not gotten to eat there yet, so I cannot comment on the food or service.

I did however pass it last night when I needed to bring a snack to a friend and they had double chocolate cake on the special board as a dessert.

It was extremely fresh, probably made that day. The chocolate cake and thick chocolate frosting definitely had a great homemade taste. I will have to make it a point to get there for dinner.

I did also get one of their pralines. It was a little too sweet for me, it tasted like I was eating straight sugar.(I had some pralines about five years ago when I was in NO and I do not remember them being this sweet). Is my memory failing or is the way they are supposed to be?

Anyone been? Can we make a push for this mom & pop in Germantown as opposed to the Chain Hell of suburbia?

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Been meaning to post about this place, as it needs some support as one of the few non-chains out that way (Unfortunately, the dining room has been quite empty everytime we've gone there). The food is always highly satisfying (especially the gumbo, which I love), and the prices are gentle. The review in the Post got it exactly right:

Happily, the French Quarter Cafe's kitchen staff goes a long way toward restoring the recipes' original character (and, consequently, is probably hearing complaints from spice-addicted habituees of the Food Network)

If you're in Germantown or nearby, go!

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FQC is owned and operated by the son and daughter-in-law of the folks who own Louisiana Express in Bethesda, and you'll recognize the similarity in the menus immediately. She's in charge of the cooking. About the only negatives I've noticed are that there's no vegetarian creole (or maybe there are no creoles at all) on the menu at FQC, and service is quite a bit spottier. In several other respects, I think it actually surpasses the original. The tables are generously spaced, the decor is more up-to-date, but most of all she manages to cook the shared recipes with a bit more care and consistency. Probably my favorite place to eat in central Germantown (I find Agrodolce quite disappointing).

I can't remember if they're open for brunch...they didn't offer a brunch menu for the first 4-5 months, and then it was there, but it's not registering in my memory right now.

Located directly behind Euromotorcars Mercedes on the street parallel to Route 118, on the block that's bookended by California Tortilla and an AAA office.

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