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Mi Cocina, A Dallas-Based Tex-Mex Chain With One Location In Friendship Heights - Closed

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We had family in town this weekend and one of them suggested Mi Cocina for dinner last night.  I objected but was overruled.  Needless to say 2 hours later everyone came around to my side of things.

A cold plain room made even colder every time someone opened the door.  Below average service (waiter didn't seem to know menue) and even worse food and water downed drinks.  Live music was a nice touch and they do validate parking.

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Ah, Mi Cocina: the deflating answer to where many born-and-raised Dallas residents eat their Tex-Mex. The go-to restaurant for an uninspired date night, misguided company happy hour, Angie Harmon sightings and impromptu family day care service, Mi Cocina is a beacon of dressed up mediocrity and absolutely loved by natives. Credit is due to corporate management, as the food is consistently average across a dozen-plus locations, assisted by service that is usually well-caring. It's an unoffensive meal that's often convenient to get to via mass SUV transit and rarely brings up a dissenting opinion.

That last bit is the disturbing part, however, and makes me question every single opinion the state of Texas has had regarding its own trademark cuisines. One can get comparable Mexican or Tex-Mex in practically any developed suburb across America, often times much better and cheaper. The rants of transplanted Texans who return home for a "real Tex-Mex fix" at the beloved Mi Cocina would be more eye-rolling if it wasn't so hilarious. But hey, at least it's better than El Fenix.

Below average service (waiter didn't seem to know menue) and even worse food and water downed drinks. 

I can't vouch for the other drinks, but the flagship Mambo Taxis have always been strong. Or perhaps my already low tolerance for tequila has only worsened since college. 

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