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Thanks to Rocks for permission to post this!

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is a non-profit honor society that rewards college-level academic excellence. They also provide both financial and instructional assistance to students and alumni.

One of the ways they help is through the services of yours truly. Every month I write a column for those minimally exceptional cooks out there who just graduated from college and whose idea of culinary legerdemaine is to add ketchup to ramen and who think a bouquet garni is something you toss at an Irish wedding.

My current article, wherein I teach them to make one of my favorite pastas, is here.

I am not a professional chef and have received no formal culinary training. Much of what I say would be perceived by the Man as gauche or incorrect. Hopefully, though, my recipes are passably above ramen au l'ketchup. These are all basic dishes that require little specialized equipment, ingredients, training, or gray matter (with the exception of my rejected article on serving calf's brains).

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