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Au Bon Coin, French Bakery with Mediterranean Fare in Springfield - Closed

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Au Bon Coin is a fairly new French bakery in Springfield. From what little I know about it to date, I can't seem to find a web site and I don't think it's a chain -- I could be wrong on both scores, but I've been checking.

Service is top-notch, and there isn't a finer breakfast croissant with eggs/cheese/sausage within miles. That, plus Illy coffee, make me want to hit it every morning. The sweets are impressive, and the baguettes are credible. The savory fare is mostly Middle Eastern -- kabobs, shwarma and the like. I note that a pastry chef recently left over a pay issue with the owner, and it has its ups and downs in the early going, so I'm not giving it two thumbs up just yet....hey, Christina Tosi (of Momofuku Milk Bar fame and 2012 James Beard Rising Star awardee), you grew up here and went to Lee High School just a few blocks away....just thinking out loud (on my keyboard)....

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