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Mug N' Muffin - Independent Coffee House and Cafe in Stone Ridge Village Center, Stone Ridge

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You're right, Joel: people are excited about The Name Of Peet's which probably used to be a fantastic coffee shop in the exotic city of San Francisco. My post above wasn't strong enough, and it did a disservice to people like you.

And let's not forget our own map of Independent Coffee Houses, maintained by porcupine.

How do indy coffee houses get added to the map? Mug N' Muffin out in Stone Ridge (the next big community past South Riding) is a nice little place. They even make affogato and I am finally going to try it!

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This is Brew Birds (coffee, beer, wine, food) now.

I tried it out a few times when the first opened, but then they stopped accepting reusable cups, so I stopped going. I'm in the area a fair amount so I gave them another chance and on the most recent visit they accepted my reusable cup. I still haven't tried the food, but from what I've seen, it looks good.

Service is hit or miss, but it still remains a good option if you're in the area. (Alternatively, if you're headed east, Cafein in Sully Plaza has coffee, sandwiches and pastries.)


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