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Calhoun's Country Hams

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Having grown up enjoying Calhoun's hams, I have to sing the praises of this ham genius. His hams are hands down the best around. However, it is his incredible ham biscuits-3 sizes all on fresh yeast rolls, and his country sausage that is to die for. Quite simply the best you will ever have. He is located in Culpepper Virginia, but also every Saturday at the Farmers market in Old Town. He ships his hams UPS . His website is www.calhounhams.com. But go to the farmers market and try the biscuits and sausage an you will be a follower. :)

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I was in the store a couple of months ago. The best words to describe it are probably shabby and nondescript. What the store lacks in decor is more than made up for by the incredible ham.

If you ever buy country ham in somewhere that it's shabby and nondescript, then it's more than likely "citified" country ham. This coming from someone that helped raise pigs when I was growing up and had many of our hams cured :)

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There's a comprehensive local discussion about Calhoun's and other Virginia hams here on eG.

The one I bought last Thanksgiving from the Old Town farmer's market was my first; after a good long soak, it made excellent eating.

Disclaimer: I really don't know much about hams as they are not part of my culture or food heritage. When I married into a Polish family from Cleveland they always ordered one of those pre-cooked spiral cut ones that come delivered in red foil, every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, so until the Calhoun ham, that was my only point of reference.

Definition of a New York minute: five teenagers and a ham.

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