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Carmello's, Modern American With a Portuguese-Centered Wine List in Old Town Manassas

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On Saturday we visited Manassas for the Civil War weekend event (sponsored by the Manassas Museum). Venturing into the Old Town area, a block from the museum, we had dinner at Carmello's on Center Street.  The sister restaurant, Monza, is right next door and I'm pretty sure the kitchen is shared.

Dinner started with complementary sparkling wine (Gatao, from Portugal).  The bread and tapenade was great.  Mr. lovehockey enjoyed his Ceasar salad.  Entrees were filet mignon and halibut with crab and veggie risotto.  For the former, Mr. lovehockey likes it medium well and it was the first time since he showed up in my life that they asked if they cooked it right upon serving.  It was medium-rare.  It went back, but I really was stunned that they asked first!  The description on the menu for the halibut is "crab-stuffed pan roasted Alaskan halibut."   The crab that was there was not stuffed into the halibut, but the portion of halibut was generous.  We had no room for dessert, although the menu indicates the desserts are made in-house.

Prices are in line with what you'd find in DC (entrees $22-$42).  They have several gluten-free options.

This may be nitpicky, but Mr. lovehockey's espresso included the lemon rind.  So many places neglect this.  He notices this, and I've learned to notice this (I don't drink coffee).

It was also the first place I think I've ever visited that had ads included in the music track.

Carmello's has spring, summer, and winter menus (we had the summer menu).

The dining room is very nice and the service is earnest.

Personally, I think it is a place that has a lot of potential.  If you're looking for fine dining in Manassas, go here (although I admit I was in jeans and they welcomed me in!).  There is a parking garage a block away that is free after 10 a.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.

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