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Thai At Silver Spring - Sugary Thai on the Top Level of Silver Plaza on Ellsworth Drive and Colesville Road

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We've ordered from Thai at Silver Spring twice now so it's probably time to write it up. So far we have tried:

Pad Phrik King Muu

Crispy Duck with basil

Pad Thai

Gai Kaprow

Larb Gai

Tom Yum Goong

Lad Nha

Pad Si Ew

Green curry with chicken

Panang curry

Nothing was particularly bad, but it seems every dish has an element missing and everything is far too sweet. In the Tom Kha it was the herbal top note missing, in Gai Kaprow the taste of fish sauce rounding the chili and herbs. The menus offers no levels of heat and even the dishes marked "spicy" have been tame enough for my kids to eat. We might try dining in next time and asking them to turn up the heat.

It's not as bad as Benjarong, but makes me wish Ruan Thai was a little closer.

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We gave Thai at Silver Spring another go recently and they have definitely kicked up the heat and toned down the sugar, but they are still stingy with the fresh herbs (cilantro in particular) and fresh chilis, and have a too-light hand with the fish sauce. And it's expensive for what you get ($12-16 per dish).

Verdict? It's Thai food for people who are afraid of the flavors of Thai food. We'll go back to the Thai Market, or give Pinto on Georgia Ave a shot next time.

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