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Black Seed Bagels, Hand-Rolled and Wood-Fired - Now In Several Manhattan Locations

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Since I was making a trek to Chinatown and wouldn't be too close to Russ & Daughters, unlike my last trip, I thought I would search online to see what bagel shops were nearby there. Apparently, Black Seed Bagels is gaining quite a reputation, as evident by my "many folks in front and behind me" line, when I visited.

Black Seed is a hybrid-bagel shop, apparently, mixing the Montreal- and New York-styles together, with it being wood-fired finished, but boiled instead, in Montreal-style honey water.

While not as "airy" as its Montreal-counterpart, the bagels here do contrast its dense cousins found at more traditional New York bagel shops, with a slight less chew, but containing some "fluff."

I think my mind was confused by this hybrid and can't figure out if I like it or not. But I think, imho, these bagels don't travel as well (probably due to improper storage on my part), as they lost some of its luster when toasted the next day, for me.

I definitely will make another trip here, to sample more, as they have a diverse menu, and it seems all freshly made, etc.

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