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Eden Kitchen and Pho Factory, Vietnamese and Pho in Eden Center - Seven Corners

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Friends and I went to Eden Kitchen this past Friday night. The portions were nicely-sized for the price, but found the taste was along the lines of some of the heavier-handed kitchens in Eden Center. I guess I'm spoiled by Rice Paper. They have a very extensive menu, which is nice. Little man seemed to enjoy his pho and egg rolls.

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Just want to share that this is my go-to place for Pho-ing two little kids at once. Staff is very patient and it's never overly crowded.  Rice Paper is better but so crowded!

My husband and I always get at least one dish that is unfamiliar to us with sometimes success and sometimes not. Yesterday was a fail (broken rice) but the time before I had some special seafood soup that was fabulous.

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