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We recently had a discussion here about biryani vs. paella, but there was no Paella thread in the Washington DC Restaurants and Dining forum, so I'll start one.

I know of no great paella being served in the DC area, but I did discover that Station 4 and their Venezuelan Chef Orlando Amaro features "Paella Night" each Wednesday from 5-11PM.

He did work in Spain for a while, so perhaps this is worth checking out.

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I was fortunate to live in Spain for awhile so very glad to see paella as a new topic.

I haven't been in years, but these guys used to do a respectable version. Had to check to see if they were even still operating. 25 years here in DC...and in major Spanish cities. Have some great memories.


And, last post nearly four years ago. I need to go back. After all, the King (Juan Carlos) really did eat here! :-)


And, having read the old dr thread, can see there's been a generally steep downward trend in the past half decade so many grains of salt should be taken with my enthusiasm for the paella a decade or more ago.

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