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DuMont, Kristina Greene's American Comfort Food in Williamsburg - Closed

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Dumont and Dumont Burger now offer doughnuts. I can't wait to try!

"Dumont and Dumont Burger Owners Part Ways" by Hugh Merwin on grubstreet.com

Note the following:

"Owner Kristina Greene, widow of the DuMont founder Colin Devlin, ... says she's no longer involved with sister restaurant DuMont Burger, not that the split was her choice. "Three of the partners at DuMont Burger pushed me out by sending me an email on Christmas Day and then 'voted' me out at the first-ever shareholder's meeting on December 30."

There was actually a restaurant called DuMont Doughnuts in Williamsburg, but that closed in 2012.

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