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Reina, Modern Latin Bistro at 129 N. Market Street in Downtown Frederick in the Former Acacia Space

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The latest thing in town seems to be a place called Reina, a "Modern Latin Bistro." It's across the street from Brewer's Alley in what used to be Acacia. Website. 

Run by the same group as Brewers/Isabellas/Ayse/Pistarros.

Stopped in once for brunch and tried out a few things, but I need to go back with a few more people to get a better idea on the rest of the menu. Initial impression is positive, and the outdoor seating area is pretty nice.

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Stopped by for an impromptu Date Night with my wife last night.

The place has been redone numerous times over the years and i don't think any of the iterations have changed the layout since one of them moved the little bar from up front to the middle section. The space remains interesting since there is not much up front, and you walk through the skinny little Bar/bathroom area to the bulk of the restaurant is out back. These downtown Frederick restaurants tend to be deeper than you think. I didn't know they even had a patio.

Thursday turns out to be Taco Night ($3 tacos, Margaritas and Coronas) as is Tuesday. they say it is inspired by a trip to Peru and most items are Peruvian to a pretty large extent. They offer freshly made Choclo, quit nice.  We started with two Pisco drinks and a trio of dips served with tortilla and yucca chips. The dips are not going to change anyone's life, but are a pleasant diversion while enjoying the cocktails. The Causa with crab was beautifully plated and had nice clean flavors, maybe a bit too much purple potato but a well thought out and carefully assembled dish. We finally had an assortment of tacos. again, all thoughtfully plated in their metal carriers. A mix of really good to ok, but overall a lot of quality for $3. We really liked the Lengua, Veg Chaufa and the kung pao; Fish and Chicken Aji were ok, and Pork and Chorizo should be reworked. there is better chorizo out there.

My wife got a real nice margarita that the bartender gladly turned into a spicy one with Jalapenos after we found out those should have been offered to us. The server said he didn't know they did spicy until he saw it too. The service was just fine but not too quick (as the server warned). I worry about that since the joint was essentially empty. $78 with tax and tip. quite a steal for all this

This could be a nice addition to our Frederick dining scene if the keep up their obvious efforts to put out quality. the operators always seem focused on quality at their other places, so I hope this is no exception.

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