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  1. Up in Columbia, I have seen Chicken 65 at both Mirchi Wok and Chutney before. I don't see it on their online menu right now though, so they might have been specials or they might just not be listed online?
  2. They should be open for dinner hours starting the 26th, put your eyeballs on their FB page to be sure of course. They have wings now as well, still need to try out a meatball sub though.
  3. Grabbed a few slices today, that's some darn good pizza. I liked the NY style better than the Sicilian personally, though both were good. Good sausage too, looking forward to them getting the rest of their toppings lined up so I can get a proper ricotta + sausage pizza (my favorite for NY style). Well the bad news is it sounds like their delivery range will be just short of reaching where I work (they said 3.5 miles is the current plan but it might expand). The good news is they will be open 7 days a week so I can actually get some pizza on a Monday night. As expected there's only about ~5 seats in the place, so unfortunately that does make it difficult to bring friends along.
  4. Bad service is bizarre, every time I've been here the service has been exceptionally good. Very helpful for picking out beer selections as well, owner/managers coming by to say hey and tell us about events and such.
  5. The shrimp balls were also delicious, and filled with something. I don't know what! Do I want to know what? Pretty good article too, want to try that Shanghai style braised pork next time I go I think.
  6. Sorry for the lateness on this, but they have a lot of special events and deals going on here so if you like this place you should probably keep a close eye on their twitter. They did a 4 course beer dinner pair with Waradeca beers, 50$ including tax&tip, tickets in advance and limited to something like 40 people. I unfortunately could not find anyone who could go with me so I missed it, so hopefully they do more events like that in the near future.They also do stuff like discounts on burgers during football games and such. Also, they have brunch here on the weekend with a different menu, including fried chicken and waffles (which were awesome). You can also get a bottomless buffet (which is actually pretty good, and includes omelets and waffles of course), and/or bottomless brunch mixed drinks. So again if you love the normal menu it's worth checking out the brunch as well for a few new things. Need to try those chicken wings myself next time!
  7. Yeah the menu here is big enough that you know there's probably a handful of really good other things on it, but you might have to sort through a whole lot of okay to mediocre dishes to get to them. Might try out that Sichuan Beef & Tofu dish next time myself. The 5 spice tofu is really good. Fish balls will always be my favorite though, maybe I should ask next time if I can just get double fishballs.
  8. I'm on a diet as well actually, so I tend to just turn an order into about 4 meals Most of the ingredients I get reheat pretty well. Except the Rice Cakes, those turn into hockey pucks so you gotta eat them on day 1. Definitely can't eat here too often though, it's very difficult to stop once you've started.
  9. Another delicious trip here today, this place (especially due to the location) has quickly become my go-to for Sichuan now. Kept it conservative this time and just got the hotpot, lord knows it's like 3 meals worth of food for me already. Anyone tried any dumplings here yet? Sometimes I just gotta get my fix.
  10. The dry hotpot here is really awesome, hit the spot perfectly and now I'm fighting off a spicy food induced coma. For mine I got beef, Fish Balls, Tofu, Rice Cakes, Pork Belly, and Potatoes. I'll do without the Potatoes next time (they were kind of in an odd place of being thin sliced but very soft, I'd rather they were crispy or chunks) and probably swap in a different vegetable, but other than that everything was super good. Just for the hotpot (which has a 6 item minimum) totaled about $20, but that's enough food for 2-3 people or meals easily. I did also try the chicken wing and lamb skewers, they were both good (especially the lamb though) but considering the quantity of hotpot you get, I'll probably skip them from now on. I'm curious how good the rest of the menu is, they have plenty of other staples on the menu, though many of them only seem to appear on the to-go menu and were not on the dine-in menu?
  11. Wow this place sounds awesome, and it's only slightly out of my way going to work even. Anyone tried the pizza yet? Or any particularly stand out items for breakfast? Too bad it's all cold outside because that Nitro Cold Brew sounds pretty interesting.
  12. This place took over for where the Genghis Grill was, I noticed it a month or so back while we were stopping in at the Total Wine. Tangentially related I guess, are Mongolian places not very popular? All three of the ones I've been to in the area have closed up, that being BD's in Bethesda, the one in Columbia, and the GG at this location.
  13. This place is open by the way. We stopped in on Thursday, they were very busy up front but there was a bunch of empty tables in the back. Got a whole lot of good beers and the Berkshire Pork, and a deep dish cookie for dessert. Food was very good, beer selection was excellent, service was excellent. The director Greg came out to our table personally and gave us a bottle of a favorite beer of his. Pretty cool!
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