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Baklava Couture and Talia's Cuzina - Owners Katerina Georgallas and Chris Panagiotopoulus Under One Roof in Kensington

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As told by Bethesda Magazine.  I might need to stop by for a taste

"'Everyone goes crazy over our seven-hour lamb sliders with goat cheese and roasted red peppers,' Panagiotopoulus said."

"The restaurant is in the midst of a soft opening, which began Sept. 21, according to Panagiotopoulus."

Not *too* over-the-top, but worth a soft chuckle - I know I'm hungry because working on both this and the Jerry's post has me thinking about food, and all I have in my William Perry (*) is one bottle of Fever Tree Tonic Water (yes, Jessica, *that* one) :) and some Heineken Light. If I wanted to so much as lick a stick of butter, I'd have to go to the store, and they'd probably make me buy it first.

(*) first recorded usage

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