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Clemson, SC


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I agree Popeye's has better chicken, but I love the spice on Bo's and the biscuits are much better, too. Plus, eating there takes me back to my days at Clemson when my roommate and I would run (screaming "Bo-yangles, Bo-yangles") the half mile to buy a dozen biscuits and maybe some chicken to soothe the savage munchies. Good times...good times.

That's because you hadn't discovered the fried mushrooms at Nick's. smile.gif

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in high school, we went there every year to celebrate my friend's birthday. i was in love with the 'shrooms--the fried mushrooms stuffed with horseradish and cheese. i went to one in an airport about five years ago and had the shrooms again, and though they werent as amazing as i remembered, i still enjoyed them. but i love the combo of mushrooms and horseradish and also love anything fried, so i may not be an objective judge.   :)

Such great memories you brought up with this "fried mushrooms" post. You just have no idea how good they were at Nick's in Clemson - and I think they were $1.30 (does anybody remember what they were back around 1979-1984?) - for some reason, that figure is coming up in my head. Nick's also served an overstuffed coldcut sub with shredded lettuce and vinegar-and-oil that was reserved for when you were really hungry - if you got a sub and an order of mushrooms, that meant you were blowing off dinner in the dining hall that evening.

A mug of ice-code, watered-down, cheap draft beer, and an order or Nick's fried mushrooms, delivered in a little, rectangular, paper boat - in my eyes, food didn't get any better than that.

Nick's was a bar in "downtown" Clemson that was juuuust far enough off the main strip where it was almost considered "counter-culture" to go there - some students had probably never even heard of it - and that's where a group from my fraternity, as well as my old dorm, often hung out. Nick's was there for the dregs of campus; not for the homecoming queens or the valedictorians. It was awesome.

Has anybody other than me ever been there and had the fried mushrooms? Sandy? (Thank you *so much* for posting that Wiki entry, btw - I hardly knew any of those tidbits about Nick's.)

I have no doubt the mushrooms were bought deep-frozen, pre-battered (with a very dark-brown batter), and just stuck in the deep frier, but they were round and juicy like cherry tomatoes, with just the right amount of salt - they didn't need any dipping sauce - and they tasted like *mushrooms*.  I also have no doubt that any "juiciness" was from the frying grease seeping underneath the batter, but they never tasted oily or rancid - they were just *good* - the best single food item downtown from what I can remember. Yes, better than Chanelo's, which was *the* pizza place on campus (never all that good) until ARA came along and started offering higher-quality pizza in the student cafeteria, evenings-only, back in the early 1980s, for only about five bucks.

During my first year of graduate school, 1983-1984, I was the only graduate student on campus living in the fraternity houses; during my final semester (and I'm proud to say that I was the first M.S. in the relatively new Computer Science to graduate in three semesters), I went off all meal plans, and that is the time in my life when I began eating most meals out, every day - that was over thirty years ago.

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I dont remember eating off campus that much, so Nicks wasn't on my list of commonly-visited joints. I feel like I've missed a huge opportunity, but I can't say I recall having the fried mushrooms at Nick's. Yet another thing I should've done in college, but didn't. (Had a girlfriend back home all through college...stupid, stupid)

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