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Christmas Day in Old Town


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Recommendations for dining on Christmas Day in Old Town? Have been unsatisfied with everything apart from Charthouse past years.

Could you tell us more about how much you want to spend, ambiance, any restrictions, lunch or dinner, traditional American or ethnic, etc.?

The first things that come to mind are Restaurant Eve and Brabo.

Upscale hotels usually do a reasonably good job at the holidays.

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It really does depend on what you are looking for in Old Town. I was surprised about how many restaurants were not open on Christmas Day last year. I don't recall Jackson 20, Restaurant Eve or Brabo ( our top 3 choices being open!)

In fact, last year, we went non-traditional and had a nice mid-day dinner at Il Porto. Its a classic red sauce joint. We then walked down to the Chart House for dessert and coffee. We had a really nice afternoon and since Il Porto is small and intimate, it did not have the rushed feel as Chart House. They also were serving their regular menu and so it did not feel like a holiday 'slap together' buffet.

 Grille at Morrison House is open and a solid option as well. Trademark Eat and Drink in the Hilton is also open and a bit off the radar.

This year, we are headed over to the National Harbor. We are hoping to take the water taxi from Old Town. I think Ed Lee's new joint - Succotash. We hope to make the afternoon complete there by riding the big Ferris Wheel.

Good Luck. It was very quiet down in that neighborhood last year.

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