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Buona Sera, Norfolk Avenue in Bethesda - Closed

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Within a block or so is a new Indian restaurant, The Saffron Lounge. They opened two weeks ago (I think), but I haven't been there yet. Reluctant to waste an opportunity to eat at Passage to India. Has anyone tried Saffron yet?

Saffron Lounge has closed in less than 5 weeks since opening and has been replaced by an Italian restaurant Buono Sera.

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8003 Norfolk Ave. is the bane of my existence. Can someone tell me if this sequence is correct:

Buona Sera replaced Saffron Lounge (no clue about ownership)

Buon Giorno replaced Buona Sera (I believe just a name change)

Satsuma replaced Buon Giorno (surely different owners)

And now, Satsuma's website is broken. Sigh, but it still seems to be open.

Allow me to vent: Just keeping the dining guides up to date is a half-time job, and that's not including any sort of "ranking system."

Budding interns, are you out there? B)

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