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Dinner for 75 people in NOVA?


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Before anyone gets any ideas, this is not my engagement party! :P

A friend of mine is getting married over in Greece next summer so she wants to have a nice engagement party state-side for all of her friends in the area. She's looking mostly in Northern Virginia and driving farther out into VA is not a problem. DC is a bit of a problem with parking, etc. (Her comments, not mine!) The guiding principles are- someplace that looks nice and not like a banquet hall and good food (hence the post).

So she's looking at 2941, whose thread has been rather silent as of late, and looking for others. I saw Lightfoot Restaurant listed in Don's guide, and I sent her the link for Patowmack Farm, not knowing if they can accomodate that many people at all. Has anyone been to Lightfoot? Other ideas? .02?

danke for anything!

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If she's willing to pay for 2941, it's the obvious choice. Lower price points might be tricky if she wants "American" food--maybe Vermilion (is the upstairs big enough)?
The upstairs only seats 50 & change at Vermilion. Might want to talk to the folks at Tallula. The space can definitely accomodate.
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