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Khao Kang, Chef-Owner Sopon Kosalanan's Menuless, Issan-Focused, Cafeteria-Style Thai at 76-20 Woodside Avenue, Elmhurst

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Heyyyyyyyy everyone!!!

Sorry I've been gone so long I've been traveling!!! I also have been trying to do some new things with the food game such as using online less and doing restaurants when I see them rather then doing only pre research on everywhere I go!!! Don't worry I'll be doing both but I want this to feel like an indigenous effort rather then me seeing something on a food blog that someone else found etc. Anywho Khao Kang. This resto has been written about a bunch including in the nytimes and is by no means unknown. Food is cafeteria style and it isn't really like a sit down resto. Nevertheless, this shouldn't turn you off as I saw them pretty consistently bringing fresh food out and about!!! Food is Issan as I recall and I by accident got like all pork dishes. They were quite nice spicy as they should be well flavored and the whole bit. They also have like all those thai desserts and juices including a fave of mine: Thai Ice Tea!!! BUT the question is whether it is better then the others. I would say it doesn't quite reach the heights of a som tom der (in Manhat I know but I am looking at the full scope of thai over here!!) for instances but it is a nice place with good food that would be especially good if one were needing a quick sorta meal. I would say go to this one and you will be quite satisfied. 

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On 7/28/2016 at 11:30 AM, manolands said:

This resto has been written about a bunch including in the nytimes and is by no means unknown.

Thanks for this write-up, manolands. Here is an article to which you refer:

"Jul 10. 2014" - "Hidden Pleasures Lie Within - Hungry City: Khao Kang in Elmhurst, Queens" by Ligaya Mishan on nytimes.com

They had me at the stir-fried pumpkin with egg and basil -  quite possibly a vegetarian dish that will make you become one.

Would someone with a native familiarity of Queens neighborhoods please write me? Thank you!

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