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Amazon Prime - Now Charging $2.99 for Almost Every Film Rental, $3.99 for HD (Whatever The Hell That Is)


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On 5/31/2014 at 3:52 PM, DonRocks said:

Incidentally, I claimed that in the 1927 film "It," Clara Bow just may be the earliest known person to shout out a curse word on film. I don't know whether "Wings" was released before "It," but if so, we may have a new record-holder. :)

Go to the dogfight scene where David realizes he's being pursued by Count von Kellermann (it's well-marked by the text, and comes about 46 minutes into the film). After basically peeing his pants, he shouts a few things in a panic, and then closes by saying, "God Damn!!!"

I'm no professional lip-reader, but I don't think there's any doubt about this one. So it's just a matter of which of the two films was released first - either way, it looks like 1927.

If you have Amazon Prime, they're both free to rent.

Or should I say ... they *were* both free to rent. Given that I pay annually, this was a total bait-and-switch. They knew very well this was going to happen, and they also knew of people's proclivity for inaction - once something is in place, people tend to leave it be.

And I am just as skeptical of their "HD" rental upcharge as I am paying 70 cents per gallon more for 93 octane gasoline. At best, they're often unnecessary; at worst, they're complete BS - has anyone noticed a distinct difference? I go ahead and pay the $1 upcharge, but I really wonder if that's a mistake.

Screenshot 2016-10-29 at 20.47.12.png

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There is a clear difference between regular SD and HD. For some movies or shows or whatever, it is irrelevant, but for a lot of content, it is kind of mandatory. I only wonder what they will start to charge for 4K when demand for that rises.

I honestly rarely watch movies these days. And I love movies. <sigh>

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