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Celtic House Irish Pub and Restaurant, Arlington, Columbia Pike

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Two recent references got me thinking about the Celtic House Irish Pub and Restaurant in Arlington.  First it garnered publicity via this publication that weighed yelp reviews for Irish bars around the nation and ranked Celtic House FIRST as an Irish bar on which to celebrate St Patrick day. (Wahoo!!!!)   Laugh or snicker if you like but in its slightly more than 2 years of operating Celtic House has numerous and tremendous reviews on Yelp and a variety of other review sites, the vast majority of which rate it highly.

Secondly I thought of Celtic House after reading this post which suggested that a great way to learn soccer is simply to watch on TV or attend games.  Certainly there are dozens of bars around the region that feature soccer.  Celtic House is one and includes local United Games.  It gets a good soccer watching crowd.

Honestly I like one of the owners.  He's a great Irish bar operator and before that was an Irish barman in NYC, deep experienced in other aspects of the restaurant business and to add to the authenticity he is Irish. 

On the food side it does a great job of various comfort foods, the chicken pot pie, stews, and burgers are all above average if not down right excellent.  The staff is amazingly friendly--its an honest to goodness Cheers type of place.  If you start going regularly you will be warmly treated and become part of the "gang".  

Its simply a tremendous neighborhood bar/pub with significantly above average food for that type of establishment and one of the friendliest places you will find.

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