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Samurai Japanese Steak & Sushi Bar - Teppanyaki at University Mall on Braddock Road and Route 123 in Fairfax

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Had dinner last night at Samurai teppanyaki grill in the GMU shopping center.  I had the chicken and shrimp combo, dining companion had the lobster-filet-shrimp, plus the typical miso soup, salad,  fried rice, grilled veggies and noodles.  It was clean, everything was cooked properly, not the best show by the chef but certainly adequate, and thankfully not oversalted (which is something that I find  happens at a teppanyaki with chefs using the salt shakers in their show).  A lot of food -- I took fully half of mine home even after eating until I was stuffed, so I think a fair value for the price, which I believe was about $24 for my choice, maybe about $31-$32 for my companion?  Plus a sake appletini for me that balanced on the line between sweet and sour.  I would have been happy with a tad more sour but was relieved that it wasn't too sweet.

Not fine dining by any stretch, but I think a better choice than Kilroy's (which was the other option I was offered).

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