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Baltimore City restaurant vacancies on the rise

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My thoughts - most of those either tried to do upscale American but just couldn't keep up with the market, chose bad locations, and/or dealt with poor management/decisions.

"Baltimore Restaurant Closing vs. Openings in 2018: How Do They Stack Up?" by Sarah Meehan on baltimoresun.com

As far as ones I'm familiar with:

Bagby Pizza Co. - lease ended, owner leaving the restaurant business

Ryan's Daughter - business slowed, lease was ending, just got left behind a little 

Dimitri’s Tavern - dive bar with a 75 year old owner

Dino BBQ - not good food (sorry upper New Yorkers) with poor service and a poor location

Waterfront Kitchen - got stale in the words of the owner and rebranded

Jack's Bistro - closed to open a bigger space in Blair’s on Hudson

Bluegrass - changed owners and the quality dropped

Aggio - weird location, got neglected and/or stale

Wine Market - rebranding

Corner Restaurant and Charcuterie Bar - owner had health problems

HarborQue - mediocre BBQ surrounded by better options for the same price

Regi’s American Bistro - where you take your grandma - was stale five years ago

In Bloom - another expensive option in a weird location that got left behind - I wanted them to do well, but there were cheaper options for almost everything on the menu within a five minute walk

La Tolteca - nothing ever does well, it's just too big and rent is probably too high to really run a successful restaurant without some serious name brand backing

Modern Cook Shop/Fork & Wrench - same owners, got stale and didn't evolve itself

Rachel - that spot has probably averaged a restaurant a year over the past five or ten years

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