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Frito Chicken, Amina Khan's Made-to-Order Roasted and Fried Chicken in Centreville and Ashburn

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There's a spot in a Centreville where restaurants go to die.  After two Indian places met their maker comes a new contender.  Frito Chicken.

The place has an interesting story:

Mar 15, 2018 - "Frito Chicken Gives Ashburn New Fried Chicken Option" by Chris Wadsworth on theburn.com

My wife met the owner yesterday who invited us to give it a try.  She was very nice and we didn't feel like making dinner tonight so we gave it a try.

"Frito Chicken is the brain child of Amina Khan. She’s was born in Pakistan, raised in Canada and has collected a wealth of recipes. Over the years, friends have told Khan that her chicken recipes — both fried and roasted — are some of the best they’ve ever had."

We got the strips which were spicy and an 8 piece chicken.  The yuca was all done perfectly.  The potatoes and corn were fine.  The fried chicken is the star here and I urge everyone to give it a try.  Remember, it takes 20 minutes for it to cook so be patient.  It is worth it.

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