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Hoa Vien Quan, Vietnamese in Eden Center with Sub-Specialties in Banh Xeo and Bo Luc Lac

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I stopped going to Eden Center on a daily basis for lunch because the trips were putting too many miles on my leased car (13 miles round trip).  Because it's been at least a month since I last went, I walked around to see what's new.  I think there are 2 new joints just in Saigon East (the section in btwn the 2 grocery stores).

Bay Lo is no more.  And in place of H2O is Hoa Vien Quan.

Hoa Vien Quan is brightly lit, shiny, and clean.  The menu is one laminated page but with a ton of stuff that's not very well organized - several items don't belong under the headings.

I tried their cha gio (spring rolls) and banh xeo.  Both are excellent, especially because they give you the proper accompaniments.  The spring rolls came with 2 pieces of lettuce, basil and pickled carrots.  The banh xeo came with 4 pieces of lettuce, lots of herbs, and pickled carrots.  I wrapped everything in lettuce and dipped in their fish sauce.  

I would have to go back to Eden to try more of their food (as I said, big menu).

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