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Borinquen Lunch Box, Enrique and Mary Velazquez's Authentic Puerto Rican in a Northern Virginia Food Truck

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I've been meaning to post about Borinquen Lunch Box for quite some time. It is a fantastic Puerto Rican food truck run by a husband and wife team that serves the Northern Virginia area. 

Their everyday menu includes a a list of sandwiches including a Cubano. I have found that Cubano fans can be quite particular, so I'll let others judge it. I had it once and thought it was very good. What I would very much recommend is their daily special -- whatever it is.

Over the past month, the specials have included Masitas de Cerdo (sauteed pork), Fricase de Pollo, Pernil (pork shoulder) and Arroz con Pollo. Each has been delicious, and served with a generous portion of rice and sometimes red beans. Free tip -- ask for the hot sauce. It's an herbaceous, oil-based concoction that goes especially well with their pork dishes. I also love their empanadas. There is usually a chicken and beef option, as well as a vegetarian (which is usually pizza). 

One of the first things I do on Mondays is check their Twitter feed to see if they're going to be nearby that week. If they're close, I go. They're also typically at Port City Brewery on Friday nights, where the line for them forms quite early.   

(PS -- They also traveled to Puerto Rico last year to feed people after the hurricane, but I don't think they have any publicists...)

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