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Denizens Brewing Company - Craft Breweries in Silver Spring and Riverdale Park


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Overall a good impression on a lovely Saturday night at Denizens.  Outside they have a large patio with picnic tables with seating for 200 people.  The vibe is urban beer garden.  Inside are various rooms over two stories. 

To be honest, most of the offerings they have on tap right now aren't really in my beer wheelhouse, but the Lowest Lord English-Style ESB was solid, perfectly fine to quaff on a late-summer night.  The veggie burger with cheddar was actually pretty tasty and the fries were on the thinner match-stick side.  

The patio was busy all night, but it didn't feel crowded.  They certainly seemed to be doing good business.

I've sampled a couple of their beers now, not sure I would rank them in the top tier of DC area breweries, but they are probably squarely in the next tier down and put out a solid product.       

If it wasn't such a trek out to Silver Spring, I'd be back more often.

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Denizens Brewing Co. will celebrate its fifth anniversary in Silver Spring with a New Orleans-themed party on Saturday, July 13, organizers announced. Attendees are encouraged to wear Mardi Gras-style outfits and enjoy a live brass band, drag show, DJ, contests and prizes:


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I love this place. I do wish they were a little better at letting you know when the downstairs tap room is/isn't open. Too many times I have gotten there to discover that it is closed for a private event. I don't particularly like the patio, and the upstairs bar is so small.

Oh, but I love the beer!

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Tried to go here tonight. There were some new beers we wanted to try, and of the breweries around, they have the most edible food. Also, walkable to Moorenko's for dessert! But again, the downstairs was closed (and NOT noted on their website or social media.). And the upstairs was full. So no space for us! Outside seats were available, but have you looked at the weather today?

I noted later when looking at their website that they now take reservations - so next time, that is what we will do!

And then, we went to Quarry House, so we still had beer and frankly, the food was probably better.

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