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Dyllan’s, Raw Bar and Grill in the Former Sea Catch Space on 31st and M Street, Georgetown

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Really mixed though overall underwhelming restaurant IMHO, and I think overpriced.  For starters, the rice in the maki rolls was poorly done; for $12 - $14 a roll and for the caliber of restaurant they want to be, they need to do better.  The grilled octopus app was good, tender, and shareable (and with some tasty potatoes), all a good thing at $24.  The cioppino on their online menu shows $32, but if I recall, it was quite a bit more than that.  The clams and mussels in the dish were well prepared, and the langoustine was a nice touch (though not particularly meaty).  The halibut in the dish, unfortunately, was  overcooked.  And I don't at all get the oversized croutons in the dish that are virtually impossible to eat; they are too large to eat in one bite, but can't be cut and are so big that they don't even soften up in any reasonable period of time.  Made me wonder whether the chef or anyone at the restaurant had ever tried eating it, because it wasn't even a close call that it didn't make sense.  (You can see a photo of the dish, with the offending croutons, on the Washingtonian article on the restaurant from August.)  The service was pleasant enough, but not polished.  The space is huge, and was mostly empty when we were there.  I always root for new, good dining options in Georgetown.  But I'm a bit skeptical this one makes it for long.  

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