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I wasn't  quite sure where to put this, so @DonRocks please move this topic where you feel it is most appropriate. 

I know since moving back to Pennsylvania, I most look forward to supporting small businesses whenever I can.  I guess living in the District, I was groomed to always support operations to which mainly included the chef owned restaurants, along with the small gift stores dotted along main street. As I get older, the only big shops I shop at are H Mart or Target to get everyday items, but when it comes to procuring gifts, I seek out handmade gifts created by local artists. So if you happen to know any artists and or shops that I should visit in and around the beltway please list them here, and I will do the same. When you support a small business owner, you are actually supporting a person's dream and they often do a happy dance. I have witnessed it on several occasions. When we support one another, everything seems to work out. At lease, that is what I continue to believe.

Shop small,


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I think I may add a few entries to throw a little support toward people I admire, and respect. 

Spirits Sugar Water Bitters: Cocktail: An American Story, Derek Brown 

Preorder it. By doing this you will reassure a demand for the publication, which will increase availabilty at more retail outlets, and most likely will receive few free perks. 

Derek Brown hardly needs an introduction to anyone living in the District, or if you follow cocktail culture. I’m not sure I could honestly give him a fair introduction in this post, but will reach out to him personally with hopes he’ll grant me the opportunity for an interview.

Those who do not know who Derek is, IMO, had awaken a cocktail renaissance in the District. Discussions around the craft of the cocktail RARELY go without making any references to Mr. Brown. Accomplishments  under his belt include The Passenger, The Columbia Room, Eat the Rich(which lends itself to seasonal pop ups of epic preparations), Drink Company, and many more others that I know I’m missing. 

This would make a great gift to anyone you know who enjoys both the art as well as history of the cocktail. 




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