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Arrowine, North Arlington - The Best Cheese Store in the United States?


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I was in Arrowine (Lee-Heights Shopping Center in North Arlington) last Saturday, buying some wines, and going a little crazy stocking up on cheeses and charcuterie.

As soon as I walked in, I saw some magnums of Terry Triolet Champagne on my right, and then Arrowine President Doug Rosen noticed me and came over to say hello. I also saw and said hello to Vice President Shem Hassen.

I told Doug I was going to be needing some cheese, and he walked me over to an eye-popping, new cheese section, twice as big as it used to be.

“My goodness,” I said. “This place is huge.”

Doug replied, “We’ve doubled the linear footage of our cheese section – it wraps all the way around down there, by the register.”

“You have the best cheese selection in the DMV,” I said.

“We have the best cheese selection in the United States,” he replied. “Or, we will, soon enough.”

I leaned over and whispered in his ear: “The most expensive, too," I joked.

But you know what? Doug just may be right, and I’m pretty sure I’m wrong: Arrowine has the type of cheese selection that Fairway in New York *used* to have when Steve Jenkins was running the program (Fairway has since declined in a big way).

And yes, it’s expensive, but considering the selection they maintain, and the shape they keep the cheeses in (they’re in immaculate, pristine condition), they aren’t all that expensive.

Arrowine has long had the best wines in the Washington, DC area, but now, their cheese selection is as good as any I’ve ever seen in America.

Have a look for yourself, and make sure to ask for Cheese & Charcuterie Manager Scott Freestone (and while you’re add it, if you’re looking for beer, ask for Beermonger Nick Anderson – also as good as anyone in the DMV).

This place is an embarrassment of riches. I couldn’t capture the entire cheese selection in one photograph.


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I still remember those heady days in years back where I got a Groupon to Arrowine. I bought all the cheese because with that coupon it was Arrowine cheeses at Harris Teeter pricing. I haven't been back since the renovation, looks like I might go by tomorrow.

ETA: Looking at the photo and staring at the prices I can make out, one of my favorite cheeses is actually at a fair price point. About what I've paid anywhere else I've found it, and cheaper than some. Not saying which because I don't want it gone before tomorrow. :D

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Strongly recommend letting someone behind the counter guide you through a tasting. Yes, you want to feel good about something you're paying $25+ /lb for.  Chances are you will, and your palette and exposure to cheeses of the world will get a good workout in the process. 

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