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Grand Hyatt, 1000 H Street NW - 888-Room Luxury Hotel with a Giant Atrium, and an Unscrupulous $22.99 Daily "Destination Fee"


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Location and Rates for Tonight (Note: DC Grand Hyatt tacks on a ridiculous $22.99 daily "destination fee") - Website

If you're coming into DC to stay, or looking for a staycation, you could do a lot worse than the Grand Hyatt, located on H Street NW between 10th and 11th Streets.

This weekend, I found a room for $107 (yes, $107, but it was actually $129.99 with the destination fee) for Saturday and Sunday nights. Upon checking in, I gave the receptionist $10, and said, "Because you have to work during such a nice day." I wasn't expecting it, but he upgraded us from a Queen to a King, overlooking the atrium, and having one of very few balconies (although the balconies are for decoration only: You cannot open the sliding-glass doors to access them, understandably - you can see what few there are in the final photo).

The Grand Hyatt is a really nice, centrally located hotel to explore downtown DC, and it merits 4 stars; it also merits a lawsuit to eliminate their "destination fees."

Jul 11, 2019 - "Washington, DC Is Suing To Stop a Ridiculous Hotel Pricing Practice" by Josh Barro on nymag.com

Room 849:




* If you need alcohol, forget the hotel. Walk the 1 1/2 blocks to the Mercato at Centrolina in Palmer Alley, and buy a bottle of wine.

* The best lunch, by far, within walking distance is the amazing Piccolina (also part of Centrolina, across the street from it in Palmer Alley).

* Don't waste your money on Momofuku or Cure Bar & Bistro - head to Centrolina or Piccolina for a truly special culinary experience.

* The Ford's Theater Museum is easy walking distance, has no mandatory admission, and is a better museum than you might think.

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